The Melbourne Policy Framework defines guidelines as documents providing guidance and advice on the implementation of particular matters which may be the subject of legislation, policy or procedure. They are not mandatory or subject to the same approval processes as policies and procedures.

Guidelines are not published in the Melbourne Policy Library but are made pursuant to, and referenced as supporting documents in, specific published policies and procedures.

Guidelines published by the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) are available below.

DownloadAssessing Equivalent Experience Guidelines(PDF 34.7 KB)
DownloadChancellor's Scholars Program Guidelines (PDF 34.0 KB)
DownloadDocument Certification and Translation Guidelines(PDF 57.2 KB)
DownloadFee Implications of Subject Changes Flowchart (PDF 14.5 KB)
DownloadManaging Cases of Unverified Identity at Examinations Guidelines (PDF 28.6 KB)
DownloadProfessional Placement Guidelines (PDF 234.9 KB)
DownloadRescheduled Examinations Guidelines (PDF 24.1 KB)
DownloadStudent Equitable Adjustment Flowchart (doc )
DownloadStudent Exposure to Explicit or Confronting Material Guidelines (PDF 60.2 KB)
DownloadStudent Support Guidelines (PDF )
DownloadStudent Volunteering Guidelines (PDF )
DownloadUnderage Student Management Guidelines (PDF 40.3 KB)

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