The University is committed to understanding and meeting the needs of a diverse student population, and ensuring that all have an experience of lasting quality and enrichment. SSAF funds enable a wide range of initiatives, determined in collaboration with students, in support of this commitment.

Principles upon which SSAF funding will be allocated

Principles upon which SSAF funding will be spent

Performance Areas for SSAF Expenditure

In line with the principles upon which SSAF will be spent five key areas of performance regarding SSAF expenditure will measure the effectiveness of SSAF funded projects, programs and organisations. Each performance area should host at least three key performance indicators as to be determined by the individual organisations.


SSAF funding will be categorised into three main components:

  1. A core amount which continues each year, appropriately indexed, upon which recipients can rely for planning purposes
  2. A flexible amount available for new initiatives and innovation (subject to an agreed application process)
  3. A contingency amount held aside to enable emerging and unplanned needs to be addressed during the period of the Agreement

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