In October 2011, the Australian Parliament passed legislation to allow universities and other higher education providers to charge a compulsory Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF).  The SSAF was introduced in 2012 and has enabled the University to increase the funds available to provide a wide range of student services and amenities.  Since 2012, the University has regularly sought student feedback and participation in a number of consultations to better inform how the SSAF is allocated to meet their needs. The last consultation was in 2015 for the funding period of 2016-2019, and led to the formation of the SSAF Consultative Group. The Group meets quarterly and consists of representatives from UMSU, GSA, MUSport, Academic Services (Stop 1) and Chancellery.

All students can apply for a SSAF Grant

SSAF funds are available to support student-focussed initatives and projects that contribute to meeting the needs of our diverse student population through our SSAF Grant Program

How has the University allocated the SSAF funding so far?

2012 - 2015 SSAF Summary of Financial Distribution

2016 - 2018 SSAF Summary of Financial Distribution

By Recipient By Purpose

2018 Review of SSAF

The University is currently in dialogue with the SSAF Consultative Group and its members regarding funding options for 2020 onward.  The University aims to complete this review by November 2018.  The review will include a consultation period (July 2018 to August 2018) where students can give direct feedback via a questionnaire and have their say on how they would like the SSAF funds allocated in the future.

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