The Melbourne Curriculum

In 2008 the University introduced the Melbourne Curriculum, the most significant set of curriculum reforms in the University’s history. The Melbourne Curriculum draws students into a rich, distinctive, campus-based community, which is combined with virtual learning experiences. The curriculum features six broad, three-year undergraduate degrees, characterised by both disciplinary depth and academic breadth. These Bachelor degrees prepare students for direct employment or further study, whether in a professional graduate program or a graduate research degree.  This structure is designed to provide students with greater flexibility, both in terms of subject choice and the timing of vocational decisions. Students undertake their studies in a blend of face-to-face and digital environments.

Melbourne graduate programs differ significantly from undergraduate programs in their depth and level of specialisation, preparing students for specific professions or research studies. Many graduate programs have a flexible delivery mode that caters for a diverse student cohort that includes students who are part-time, professionally employed or caring for the young or elderly.

The commitment to building upon blended learning opportunities is strong and this will be achieved through persistently reviewing and improving our offer to students.  Core to the Melbourne Curriculum is a focus on academic engagement and student employment outcomes, as well as the aim to improve pathways from undergraduate degrees to masters, research degrees and directly to employment.

The future direction of the Melbourne Curriculum is guided by Growing Esteem 2015-2020 which articulates a vision for Teaching, Learning and the Student Experience (Chapter 3).  The challenge and the opportunity is to create a ‘Melbourne Offer’ that provides a distinctive student experience; one that supports a lifelong relationships between students and the university.  The ongoing design and re-design of the Melbourne Curriculum is central to the Melbourne Offer as we continue to explore and implement ways to ensure that graduates are distinguished by their broad outlook and openness to different perspectives.

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