What is the Melbourne Practice and Partnership Framework?

The Melbourne Practice and Partnership Framework (Melbourne PPF) is proposed as a guide for the development and delivery of experiential learning opportunities within curricula at the University of Melbourne. The framework identifies four domains of activity that support students to apply their knowledge in authentic settings. Many of the domains provide opportunities for students and academics to partner with external organisations in teaching and learning activities.

Download (UoM staff only)Melbourne PPF – Feedback Summary and Discussion Paper

The discussion paper presents the Melbourne PPF, including concrete examples of how each domain of activity could be manifest in curricula and lists of common teaching and learning activities aligned with each domain. The framework will hopefully help staff to identify ways in which they can create teaching, learning and assessment opportunities that allow students to:

The discussion paper also outlines a number of pedagogical, administrative and practical challenges associated with a whole-of-University adoption of the PPF.

Aims of the Melbourne Practice and Partnership Framework

The aims of the framework are to:

Next Steps

Staff involved in the provision of experiential and work-integrated learning are invited to a forum scheduled for April 12, 2019. Join Professor Gregor Kennedy (Pro Vice-Chancellor, Teaching and Learning) and other staff from Academic Divisions, University Services and Chancellery in this interactive discussion about the future of experiential learning at the University of Melbourne.

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If you have any queries about the forum or the Melbourne Practice and Partnership Framework, please contact Jacqui Williams, Project Lead (Curriculum and Credentialing).

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