The University of Melbourne will be a place where all students, staff and visitors are safe, are treated with absolute respect and where there is no place for any form of sexual assault or sexual harassment.

Taking Action

Respect at Melbourne is a program of work designed to eliminate all forms of sexual harassment and sexual assault from our University community. It is underpinned by a standalone Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response Policy and uses a Primary Prevention Framework.

Primary Prevention Framework

The Primary prevention Framework is widely-recognised as an evidence-based, best practice approach to (i) preventing, (ii) intervening early, and (iii) responding to sexual harassment and sexual assault. The framework addresses the relationships between individuals and the settings in which they work, including interventions delivered at an individual, group and whole-of-institution level to eliminate sexual misconduct.

Respect Action Plan

The Primary Prevention Framework is guiding the development of our new Respect Action Plan. The initiatives of our Respect Action Plan are mapped onto the framework, showing how they prevent and respond to sexual misconduct at an individual, group and whole-of-institution level.

Our Respect Action Plan includes the delivery of new education and training programs including bystander interventions, increasing support services for students and staff, updating recruitment and orientation activities, and developing a new approach to reporting de-identified University data, amongst other things.

The safety of our community is the responsibility of all of us and we ask you to join us in taking action to grow our culture of Respect.

Respect Action Plan mapped onto Primary Prevention Framework

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