The Learning and Teaching Initiatives Grants scheme has been strategically investing in educational initiatives and innovations at the University since 2006.

A call for curriculum-based teaching and learning project applications in various categories is made at least once a year. These categories change depending on the teaching and learning priorities of the University.

On this page you will find information about the current LTI round, information about recent LTI rounds, and list of recipients from recent years.

Round 2, 2021: Open book exams
Key dates
  • Applications open 9am Monday 18 January 2021
  • Applications close 5pm 17 Feburary 2021
  • Outcomes will be announced by 5 March 2021
Categories for funding

Applications in this round must address the following activity stream. Please read the full guidelines for further information.

The open book exams category funds projects to:

  • support the transition of a closed book to an open book exam, or to significantly improve an existing open book exam recently created in response to COVID 19, and
  • increase staff capability and skill in relation to developing high quality assessment in an open exam format.

In these projects, staff are asked to:

  • commit to introducing an open book exam, or to significantly improve an existing open book exam, and;
  • attend a series of practical workshops to develop their open book exam.

Round 2 2021 - Open book exams - Guidelines

Application form
Application and selection procedure

Prior to consideration by the selection committee, Deans of Faculties and Graduate Schools will have the opportunity to rank applications in light of the selection criteria and their own strategic priorities in learning and teaching.

The Chancellery LTI team will submit the applications to the Deans for approval and ranking following the submission deadline. 

In making its decisions, the selection committee will consider the following selection criteria:

  • the alignment between the application and the priorities of the activity stream
  • the impact of the project, including student reach, effect on local and broader curriculum offerings and impact on students’ activities, learning experiences, and outcomes
  • the likelihood that the objectives of the application will be achieved
  • the rankings received from Faculties and Graduate Schools.

Funds will be awarded on merit using the criteria set out above.

Key contacts

Open book exam enquiries

  • Sarah French, Project Manager (FlexAP); Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education

General enquiries

  • Vivien Lee, FlexAP Program Manager, Chancellery (Academic)
  • Laurence Deam, Project Officer (FlexAP), Chancellery (Academic)

Reporting on Funded Projects

Successful applicants are required to submit a final report on project outcomes.


I didn't receive an email confirming my application was submitted successfully. Who should I contact?

All applications should receive a confirmation email from one of the LTI staff. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 48 hours of submitting your application, please follow up with us at

How are my project funds managed?

The funding is transferred to the project lead’s nominated account for local management, following engagement in the first two practical workshops. This funding can be used for any activity which supports the academic in their role that allows them to successfully complete the project.

Are the LTI grants and FlexAP still closely related?

Yes. The categories offered in each LTI round will change in response to the University's strategic teaching and learning requirements. Since 2019 all categories, except for General Learning and Teaching LTIs, have been awarded as part of FlexAP.

When is there a General Teaching and Learning Category available?

A General Learning and Teaching category is expected to be included in the final round of each year. The General Learning and Teaching category invites applications that improve student learning and teaching outside of the prescribed categories offered throughout the year.

I have a proposal that I think is well-suited to the LTI grants, but not in this category. Can I discuss this with someone?

While each round is quite specific in its aims, please feel free to contact us at to discuss ideas you may have to improve students' learning and teaching experience.

Round 1, 2021: Improving Online Learning Quality

Round 1, 2021: Improving Online Learning Quality (CLOSED)

Applications for this round closed in November, 2020, with successful applicants notified in December 2020. Projects will be implemented in the first half of 2021.


Round 1 2021 - Improving Online Learning Quality - Guidelines

Key contacts

Digital assessment enquiries

General enquiries

  • Vivien Lee, FlexAP Program Manager, Chancellery (Academic)
  • Laurence Deam, Project Officer (FlexAP), Chancellery (Academic)

Reporting requirements

Successful applicants are required to submit reports on project progress and outcomes, with funding released after review of these reports.

Information for LTI rounds prior to 2021

Information for LTI rounds prior to 2021
Reporting requirements

Progress reports

A brief progress report must be provided by the date specified in the outcome letter. (Typically due six months after award for projects of twelve month duration, or twelve months for longer projects.)

The progress report, which should be submitted within the body of an email to, must provide:

  • A brief update on progress of the project;
  • Information about who has been involved in the project;
  • Progress towards or plans for project implementation; and
  • Expected timeline to completion and final report.

Final reports

Final reports are intended to provide information about the development of projects and are typically due before the delivery of projects to students. (Typically a month after the project end date.)

The final report should be submitted on the appropriate template below, to

Reporting information for LTI grants awarded prior to 2019:

Previous recipients

2019-2020 FlexAP stream recipients

General LTI recipients

For information about recipients before 2019, please contact us at

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