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A complaint or grievance may be returned if the information provided is not in a form that can be acted upon. An independent advocate can provide advice and assistance to put together a coherent complaint or grievance.

Independent advice

Getting advice from an independent person, who knows the processes of complaints and grievances, and is aware of potential outcomes, is critical.

By discussing your complaint with someone, it will help you:

  • consider whether the complaint or grievance is reasonable
  • clarify the details of the matter (including the events that occurred)
  • establish the basis for the complaint or grievance
  • discuss and consider what (if any) remedy has been sought already
  • identify the most appropriate process under which the matter should be resolved

Where to get advice

  • a professional Student Advocate
    • The University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) provides an independent advocacy service, the Student Union Advocacy Service (SUAS), funded from revenue generated by the Student Services and Amenities Fee:
  • Stop 1
  • an academic staff member

Contact the Policy and Grievance Coordinator

The Policy and Grievance Coordinator will be able to answer your queries about:

  • the Student Complaints and Grievances Policy
  • the Student Complaints and Grievances Procedures
  • completing the online form

Dr Craig Bird
Policy and Grievance Coordinator
Office of the Provost