This page will guide you through the processes and procedures required to escalate an unresolved student complaint or grievance.



Before you submit a formal complaint or grievance, you should attempt to resolve the issue informally in the area where the complaint arose unless there is a compelling reason why this is not appropriate. The formal process requires you to outline the history of the complaint or grievance and your attempts to resolve it.

Please note that the University considers addressing concerns and complaints by students to be an important part of the University’s commitment to continuous review and improvement. No student should fear a negative outcome or retribution from raising concerns or making a complaint provided that they are not vexatious or made maliciously.

Grounds for a complaint or grievance

The grounds for a complaint or grievance include, but are not limited to the following:


There are some categories of complaint that are handled using specific policies and procedures that fall outside the student complaints and grievances process. If your complaint relates to any of the following, please read the accompanying policy and procedure pages for details about how to proceed:

What's the difference between a complaint and a grievance?


A complaint is a problem or concern raised by a student who considers they have been wronged because of an action, decision or omission within the control or responsibility of the University.

The subject of a complaint is normally an action, decision or omission within the control or responsibility of the University, that causes a student to feel they have been wronged.


A grievance is a matter to be investigated according to formal grievance processes. This includes complaints which are not able to be resolved through informal processes or mediation, and matters relating to allegations of misconduct where disciplinary action against a student or staff member may be an outcome of the investigation.

The submission of a grievance will result in the appointment of an investigator to examine the matter, according to the process established by the University Student Complaints and Grievances Policy.

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