Community Health Advancement and Student Engagement

The project aims to increase the enrolment rate of students from low SES backgrounds into New Generation degrees. Using a tiered system of training and mentoring, high school students in Melbourne’s western suburbs will be empowered to become agents of change for health in their community. By helping students to facilitate long-term health attainment in the community the program is expected to increase their aspirations to pursue a professional career in a health-related field.

Engineers Without Borders High School Innovation Challenge

The High School Innovation Challenge will feature a technical problem-based competition, where students will work in teams to solve an engineering problem in a developing community. The Challenge aims to offer likeminded students a forum to explore and expand their interests in science and engineering and increase their aspiration to pursue tertiary studies in these fields. The awarded funds will support the participation of metropolitan students from low SES areas in the Challenge.

Identifying barriers to auditioning and interviewing at the Faculty of the VCA and MCM through supporting innate student creativity in the visual and performing arts

The Faculty of the VCA and MCM aims to make the Faculty more accessible to low SES students and increase their opportunities to pursue a career in the visual and performing arts. An outreach program will identify students with potential, who will be provided with scholarships to attend workshops at VCA and mentoring. The program will also provide training to teachers to increase their awareness of the opportunities and entry requirements of the Faculty of the VCA and MCM.

Melbourne Graduate School of Education’s 2014 Summer School

Each year Melbourne Graduate School of Education runs a Summer Program for students from low SES schools. The program aims to increase the aspiration of the students to seek further education by giving them the opportunity to experience what it is like to study at the University. The awarded funds will allow a greater number of students to participate in the program, particularly students from regional areas.

Pop –up Urban Horticulture with Melbourne University

The project targets students from low SES areas that have successfully completed a TAFE degree in horticulture and other related fields to raise their awareness of the opportunity to study further at the University. The project will form partnerships with TAFEs, Community Learning Centres and local councils to conduct ‘pop-up’ horticultural activities designed to appeal to the students. Groups of students, TAFE staff and community members will be brought to the University’s Burnley Campus where they can experience what study at the University will be like.

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