Associate Professor Michelle Livett (Science), Associate Professor Dawn Gleeson (Genetics) and Dr Deb King (Mathematics and Statistics)

"Supporting Student Achievement in the Sciences”. This program will develop active strategies to support the cohort of Year 12 students who enter the BSc with less than the minimum ATAR score through Access Melbourne, to maximise their success and support aspiration for further study.

Ms Brooke Young, Ms Heidi Morton and Ms Susan McPharlin (Business & Economics)

“Abernethy Scholars Program”. This program will focus on developing the capacity for low SES students to aspire, securing their engagement with study and attainment of bachelor qualifications, and supporting their progression from the New Generation degrees into Professional Graduate Programs and beyond

Ms Patricia Migallos (Business & Economics)

“Using Business Case Studies to promote participation Amongst Students in Low-SES Areas”. This program will develop case study workshops to be delivered to year 10 students in low SES areas. Workshops aim to engage students in thinking about the business and enhance competencies they develop in school.

Dr Roger Rassool and Prof Geoff Taylor (Physics)

“Cosmic: CollabOrative Scientific Measurement in the Community”. This program aims to engage the fertile minds of middle-school students, encouraging their innate curiosity. It comprises an array of high energy particle detectors located in schools detecting cosmic ray particles that reach the earth and community based ScienTerrific shows that encourage parents to get involved.

Prof/HoD Doreen Thomas, Dr Robert Schmid, Dr Helen Goldsworthy and Dr Edmund Kazmierczak (Engineering)

“Endeavour”. This program will expose important aspects of engineering and technology to primary and secondary school students from low SES areas through demonstration, exhibits, presentations and Endeavour Design Expo in October 2012.

Assoc Prof Robyn Tapp and Prof Hugh Taylor (Melbourne School of Population Health), Assoc Prof Jonathan Jackson and Dr Genevieve Nappier (Australian College of Optometry )

“Improving Life Opportunities”. This program will aim to increase participation of young people from low SES and Indigenous backgrounds into optometry and visual sciences and raise awareness of preventable causes of blindness.

Assoc Prof Raoul Mulder, Prof Mark Elgar (Zoology) and Mr Matthew Wills (Serendip Wildlife Sanctuary)

“Inspiring Interest in Biology in Western Victoria through Active Field Learning and Citizen Science”. This program will aim to increase the aspirations of school students from rural, low SES backgrounds in western Victoria to study biology. Students will visit Serendip Wildlife Sanctuary, participate in the University’s research and engage via an interactive website.

Ms Hilary Smith and Dr Suzanne Rice (MGSE)

“MGSE’s Summer School Program – within the Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching”. This program will address issues of educational disadvantage through the placement of high performing graduate students into low SES school communities to gain experience teaching for students in years 9 & 10.

Mr Micahel Moylan (Chemistry) and Mrs Helen Hall (Cohuna Secondary College)

“Scientific Entrée Part 2: Training Teachers and Distributing the Resources”. This program will deliver a series of training sessions in regional areas that will teach teachers to use “Labs in a Box’ materials to conduct active, hands-on scientific investigations of dairy foods with students in Years 5-8 and to distribute kids into low SES in rural and remote areas.

Prof Rachel Webster (Physics), Dr Shane Huntington (MDHS), Dr Maurizio Toscano (MGSE) and Ms Jacinta den Besten (Physics)

“Telescopes in Schools – Pilot Program”. In its second year of operation, this program will provide students from low SES schools with the opportunity to experience and explore the wonders of the night sky. The program will focus on expanding the aspirations of students to aspire to tertiary training and careers in science by forging strong knowledge-based links between the schools and University researchers.

Ms Shari Blanck and Mr Patrick Clearwater (MU Student Union)

"VCE Summer School Program”. This program will provide students from a range of underrepresented school and disadvantaged backgrounds with an inspiring and practical introduction to their VCE years both in academic skills and personal development.

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