Professor Rachel Webster (Physics), Dr Shane Huntington (OVC), and Dr Maurizio Toscano (MGSE)

The "School Astronomy Pilot Program" will provide students from selected low-SES schools with access to research-grade telescopes to encourage middle schools students to aspire to tertiary training and careers in science.

Mr Guido Ernst, Ms Kathryn Boin, Mr Roger Deutscher, Ms Penny Warner (Student Services)

"Connect Melbourne" aims to foster peer-to-peer connections for students who are likely to be one of very few from their school cohort studying at the University of Melbourne.

Professor Doreen Thomas, Dr Robert Schmid, Dr Helen Goldsworthy, Dr Edmund Kazmierczak (Engineering)

The "Endeavour" program aims to inspire primary and secondary students through formal presentations, hands on activities, prizes, and a visit to the Endeavour Design Expo in October.

Mr Rod Warnecke (Melbourne University Sport) and Ms Wendy Holden (Office of Admissions)

The "High performance athletes in schools program" aims to enhance the aspirations of students from low-SES schools through face-to-face presentations by high achieving student athletes.

Mr Michael Moylan (Chemistry), Ms Helen Hall (Cohuna Secondary College), Dr Said Ajlouni (MSLE)

The "Scientific Entrée: Labs in a box for years 5-8, Food science for Year 12" program aims to increase the engagement and aspirations of low-SES students in rural communities by developing and implementing an immersive experience in practical food science.

Mr Philip Morrisey (Arts), Dr Fran Edmonds (Arts), Dr Jenny Waycott (MDHS), Dr John Munro (MGSE)

The "Increasing participation and access to higher education: Aboriginal youth and their use of mobile phones" project aims to contribute to increased enrolment of low SES students by researching and developing the use of smart phone apps to meaningfully collaborate and engage with Indigenous youth.

Mr Tim Brabazon (MGSE)

The "Master of Teaching Research Scholarships, River Nile Learning Centre" provides funding opportunities for Master of Teaching students to conduct research toward developing the curriculum for young refugee learners at the River Nile Learning Centre.

Professor Philip Batterham (Bio21, Genetics) and others

The Faculty of Science "Science camp" will run a three-day residential science camp for fifty Year 9 students from low-SES schools to expose them to opportunities in science, make connections with like-minded students, and familiarise themselves with the Parkville campus.

Ms Emily Mackay and Dr Suzanne Rice (MGSE)

The "MGSE Summer School Program" provides an opportunity for year 9 and 10 students from low-SES communities to experience a taste of university life, broaden their interests and develop their academic knowledge and skills.

Mr Jonathan Rubino and Ms Shari Blanck (MU Student Union Ltd.)

The "VCE Summer School" is an ongoing program that offers academic support, activities and workshops to low SES students and offers them insight into university life.

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