What We Do

The goal of Chancellery (Academic & International) is to support the realisation of the vision and objectives for learning and teaching, international and academic performance contained in Growing Esteem 2015-2020. Our leadership and team can be found on the Leadership page.

The Academic & International portfolio sits alongside other divisions (Research, Policy & Projects, Engagement, Administration & Finance and Chancellery Operations) within Chancellery.

We are responsible for setting and overseeing:

  • The Melbourne student experience: designing an educational experience that is interdisciplinary, adaptive and research-led, offering choices that assist students to be increasingly intellectually independent and self-directing
  • The University's commitment to student equity and diversity: improving the participation of students and staff from educationally, financially or socially disadvantaged backgrounds
  • The quality of learning and teaching through educational innovation and standards: enabling students to learn in increasingly flexible ways, provide access to more work-integrated learning opportunities, internships and exchanges, and provide options for the design of bespoke programs of study
  • Melbourne's Digital Learning Strategy: further integrating leading-edge technologies and digital resources in existing courses, and building a suite of wholly online graduate level courses that respond to the demand for flexible study options
  • International recruitment, engagement and partnerships: expanding international engagement with universities, industries and the community to enhance, the learning and teaching program, the global mobility of students and staff and the Universities capacity to attract the best staff and students
  • The continuous development and improvement of the Melbourne Curriculum: ensuring that Melbourne graduates will be critical and creative thinkers who can apply knowledge, reasoning and research skills to complex professional and social problems
  • Academic performance, development, promotion, reward and recognition: creating opportunities for academic staff to innovate and improve the learning experience, deliver growth in academic capability, enable the delivery of outstanding research outputs, and enable staff to partner with current and emerging industry sectors.

Growing Esteem

Chancellery (Academic & International) support and facilitate the achievement of the vision and strategic priorities contained in Growing Esteem 2015-2020.

Contained in Growing Esteem 2015-2020 are the strategic priorities for Teaching, Learning and the Student Experience. These strategic priorities are particularly relevant to the direction and aims of Chancellery (Academic & International) portfolio and provide a framework for working with our partners across the University.

Strategic Priority Action
High quality learning and teaching Provide undergraduate students with expanded opportunities for an international mobility experience in the course of their degree program.
  Provide innovative, student-centred blended learning through:
  • Melbourne Digital Curriculum: developing and implementing technology-based teaching, learning and assessment resources and programs, for use by campus-based students;
  • Melbourne MOOCs focusing on 'signature track' as a verified certificate of completion;
  • Graduate Online – Melbourne: wholly online, high quality graduate-level courses.
  Improve the use of the timetable, academic year and infrastructure to support pedagogical flexibility, student choice and changing student demographics.
  Increase the number of joint and dual degrees offered in partnership with universities that are among the best in the world.
  Align the academic recruitment, confirmation and reward framework with the achievement of world standards in teaching and learning
  Increase the scale of teaching activity to deliver enhanced learning opportunities across a diverse student cohort.
Student Experience Significantly increase the number of quality student accommodation opportunities on and around the University.
  Progressively introduce a residential accommodation offer for students new to the city of Melbourne.
  Develop a campus masterplan that includes a student centre and precincts, on-campus accommodation and physical and virtual infrastructure in support of a vibrant student experience.
  Implement an expanded range of scholarships, focusing on their value in promoting:
  • equity and access;
  • academic excellence; and
  • global mobility.
  Develop initiatives designed to attract, retain and improve completion rates for Indigenous students.
Career Outcomes Facilitate more work-integrated learning experiences for students, particularly at the postgraduate level, including internships, university-based research projects and graduate placement.

Our Partnerships

Chancellery (Academic and International) have a culture of working and consulting with all divisions across the University to improve learning and teaching outcomes for students and academic staff. We are committed to developing networks and partnerships internally and externally that aid in the realisation of the goals contained in Growing Esteem 2015-2020. This includes substantial collaborations with Academic Divisions, University Services, Asialink, Asia Institute and the Australia India Institute and many other organisations. By facilitating strong links with our partners we can provide further opportunities to create strategies and policies that are innovative, progressive, fair and equitable and aid in the realisation of Growing Esteem 2015-2020.

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