The Student Charter embodies the key principles underpinning the partnership between students and the University, setting out what students are responsible for and what they are entitled to expect. The Student Charter reflects the values of the University of Melbourne. We are a scholarly community committed to the common enterprise of learning in an environment which respects diversity in all its forms, and to the principles of justice, equity and the pursuit of excellence.

The Charter

All students are responsible for:

  • Engaging with the University to formulate their own educational and career goals.
  • Making the most of the opportunities available to them as members of the University community.
  • Taking joint responsibility for their learning by seeking feedback, advice and support.
  • Preparing for and actively participating in learning experiences such as discussion and debate.
  • Pursuing their academic studies with diligence, honesty and integrity.
  • Acting as good ambassadors for the University.
  • Demonstrating respect for the freedoms and rights of other members of the University community.
  • Demonstrating respect for University resources and the campus environment.
  • Complying with the University‚Äôs policies and procedures.

All students are entitled to:

  • Pursue their educational and career goals in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Be equally treated with fairness, respect and consideration by the University.
  • Pursue individual freedoms within the law.
  • Have reasonable access to a learning and teaching environment that meets international best practice in the quality of its courses, its teaching and its physical and academic infrastructure.
  • Have reasonable access to appropriate learning resources.
  • Receive considered feedback on academic work.
  • Have access to a range of advice and support services.
  • Have access to clear information about University policies and procedures and a range of other academic and administrative matters.
  • Be represented by the relevant University student organisation and have access to the services and facilities provided by these organisations.
  • Have concerns resolved quickly and equitably through a clear set of processes.

Values of the University

Section 1.7.3 of 1.7 University Governance

All members of the University should adhere to the values of the University in all dealings at or related to the University, consistent with and to the extent required by virtue of their positions in the University, and doing so in a way which is consistent with the principles of justice, equity and the pursuit of excellence. These values are:

  1. maintaining the highest international standards of ethics and quality in research, teaching and administration;
  2. advancing the intellectual, cultural, economic and social welfare of the Melbourne, Victorian and Australian communities, and recognising the particular needs and aspirations of indigenous Australians;
  3. working with other universities to extend educational opportunity and enrich intellectual discourse, educational quality and research activity around the world;
  4. advocating and upholding fundamental human rights, in particular the principle of equal opportunity, as the only just, sustainable basis for a humane civilisation and challenging all staff and students to understand and accept their moral responsibilities as educated, informed, tolerant citizens of their own societies and of the wider international community;
  5. preserving, defending and promoting the traditional principles of academic freedom in the conduct of its affairs, so that all scholars at the University are free to engage in critical inquiry, scholarly endeavour and public discourse without fear or favour;
  6. sustaining a diverse, harmonious scholarly community committed to equity and merit as the fundamental principles encouraging and assisting staff and students to realise their full potential; and
  7. maintaining a safe, rewarding, environmentally sustainable learning and working environment for the University community.

Relevant University Policies

This Charter aligns with a statutory and regulatory framework, informed by government legislation, University Regulations, Statues and Policies. For more information, please visit the Policy Library.

Further Information

The Student Charter was developed by Melbourne Students and Learning in consultation with staff and students. It was first approved in December 2012 then reviewed and updated in November 2013.

The Student Charter will be reviewed by 31 December 2016

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