The recipient organisations have been asked to submit the activities they propose to undertake upon receipt of revenue collected through the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF). These responses are outlined below.

Melbourne University Student Union Limited

  • Undertaking capital works on Union House to improve capacity and to provide high quality services specified in the SSAF Act

University of Melbourne Student Union

  • Provide an on‐campus legal education programme to increase student awareness of legal rights and obligations. Include student volunteer participation in all aspects of the education programme.
  • Double the current availability of appointments available for student consultations.
  • Budget for locum staff to replace Legal Services Solicitor for periods of annual leave.
  • Provide an opportunity for Law students to provide, under appropriate supervision, legal advice to students similar to models employed in other community legal services and at the University of Western Australia and the University.
  • Increase grants and resources available to clubs consistent with the revised Clubs and Societies Regulations.
  • Digitisation of grant application process to assist in controlling administrative expenses and increase the efficiency of the grant application and payment process. To allow clubs to use online resources to submit grant applications. Decreased processing times and faster payments.
  • Development of a range of comprehensive multimedia resources to support and assist students. For example, using videos to provide more comprehensive information to students in relation to processes such as Unsatisfactory Progress or Special Consideration.
  • University Shared Appointment System - It is anticipated there will be some costs associated with SUAS’ shift to the student appointment booking system.
  • Orientation Host Scheme - Given the importance of Orientation to student transition, UMSU intends to expand the Orientation activities it currently provides. In particular, UMSU seeks to implement a ‘Host Scheme’ similar to that run by the Monash Student Association (MSA). This is a Union scheme which organises a number of events, including camps and trips, designed to inform students to help them settle in and make friends, in an alcohol free environment.
  • Allow for reinvestment in iconic annual events such as Festival of Nations and Nightmarket.
  • Contribute to the MUOSS Student Experience Fair.
  • Support the operation of the bi‐annual Bookfest programme.
  • Support the MUOSS Buddy Program, which is a peer‐to‐peer program assisting international students settling into the Australian environment.
  • Revitalise student activity at Southbank.
  • On Campus Entertainment Programme - Increased resources to support programme and enhance student participation.
  • Introduce a range of events aimed at enhancing participation by students based south of Grattan St.
  • English Language Programme - Fund an online sign‐up process to reduce administrative load associated with the programme. Provider a faster and simpler process for international students to be paired with volunteers.
  • Development and publication of a comprehensive student welfare guide. May present an opportunity for partnership with University and other on‐campus service providers.
  • Free Breakfasts - Expansion of a previously “member‐only” service to be available to all students.
  • Farrago - Increase publication from 8 to 12 editions each year. Allows for fortnightly publication during semester.

Graduate Students' Association

  • Increase the budgeted funds available to graduate student groups, and in particular, employ an ‘Outreach Officer’ to assist these groups and to facilitate GSA support and services to graduate students at these locations.
  • Establish an administrative and contingency budget to extend its academic short course program. The budget will provide for part-time administrative support.
  • Tender out the design and construction of a new GSA website and engage a part-time Digital Media Officer.
  • Fully fund its peer reviewed and multi disciplinary journal, Traffic.
  • Establish, support and fund an editor internship program with the Publishing and Communications Program of the School of Culture and Communication.
  • Commence a computer and software replacement and renewal program for graduate student computers in the Graduate Printing and Publishing Centre laboratory and for GSA officers. GSA will also make improvements to furniture in the loft student study space in the 1888 Building.
  • Allocate funds for the incremental development of a legal resource catalogue on student and academic issues.
  • Progress and complete a draft of the GSA Academic Writing Guide by engaging an author/editor on a contract basis.
  • Engage executive assistance in a manner that does not unduly detract funds from student services.

Melbourne University Sport

  • Extend the student discount for fitness centre access (gym, group fitness aquatic), facility hire (tennis courts, squash, badminton etc).
  • Reduce the cost to participate sporting programs and increase the number on offer (campus sport, community events Around Bay etc).
  • Target underrepresented groups with fitness and sporting programs.
  • Support (financially) student athletes to represent the University at AUG, World Student Games, Commonwealth and Olympic Games.
  • Increase funding to clubs including greater support for coaching and managers and provide additional shared services (web, accounts, payroll, marketing, equipment purchasing etc) to relieve the burden on volunteers and improve the professionalism of clubs.
  • Remove or reduce the current facility hire fee for instructional clubs and fund external facility hire for competitive clubs.
  • Extend the High Performance Athlete Program (strength and conditioning, peer and mentor programs).
  • Extend current support for Student Recruitment activity (with Admissions) with student/athletes visits to schools and additional Young Achiever Awards etc.
  • Increase engagement with the University Community and Sporting Alumni via extended club and generic event programs (Boat Race and Alumni events).
  • Enable us to fund other opportunities as outlined in the Strategic Plan for Sport.

Children's Services

  • Reduced Student Fees for University Children’s Services
  • Student Rebate – increasing the rebate for low income students using University and other child care services will enable more students using external child care to access the rebate, including those in non-Parkville campuses.
  • Maintain access to Sessional Care
  • Maintain Shorter Year

Student Services

  • Establish three student support teams one in each of the three main precincts of the Parkville campus – Eastern (around the ERC and EPSC), Western (around the Baillieu and Old Arts), and Southern (University Square) – to provide advice and support to students on matters related to finance, housing, fees and scholarships, and employment.
  • Engage a Health Promotion Officer a qualified professional based in the Health Service, to develop and deliver a package of health-promotion materials and specific initiatives, such as sexual health, drug and alcohol issues, lifestyle and mental health issues. The Officer would also develop collaborative programs in conjunction with state and federal government health agencies for the provision of low-cost screening and health evaluations on campus.
  • Develop new careers programs and services. In particular, a student employment office would be established with the aim of employing 1,000 students on campus each year, working with different divisions and organisations in the University to identify roles, acting as a training 'centre' for the students@work scheme across campus, and managing the associated administration and processes.
  • Extend opening hours in some key services and provide greater support to non-Parkville campuses.