The Respect Taskforce

The Respect Taskforce is the University's strategic unit responsible for defining and prioritising the goals of the University in eliminating sexual assault and sexual harassment. Specific actions to achieve Respect goals will be undertaken by the relevant specialist area/s, identified through consultation. Where required, the taskforce may establish working groups with a wider membership to support its work, or work with existing groups. The taskforce will develop an accessible and transparent articulation of the University's Respect goals and actions, to be shared with both the University community and the general public and relevant documents including meeting minutes will be published on this page.

Terms of Reference

  • Develop strategies to improve the culture, policies and practices of the University in relation to sexual assault and sexual harassment.
  • Oversee and monitor the implementation of new policies, procedures and practices.
  • Identify and mitigate risks to members of the University community.
  • Act as the liaison point for relevant stakeholder groups within the University, its affiliates and the wider community.
  • Advise on training programs and University activities and events to raise awareness and knowledge of responsibilities.
  • Advise on University communications.
  • Advise the Provost on strategy, resources and specific issues as necessary.


  • Richard James, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic & Undergraduate) & Deputy Provost (Chair)
  • Paul Duldig, Head of University Services
  • Elizabeth Capp, Director Students and Equity
  • Daniel Persaud, Director Wellbeing
  • Amanda Davis, Graduate Research Advisor
  • Jenny Morgan, Dean Melbourne Law School
  • Cathy Humphreys, Professor in Social Work
  • Georgina Sutherland, Senior Research Fellow, Melbourne School of Population and Global Health
  • Sally Eastoe, Executive Director Human Resources and OH&S
  • Hannah Billett, UMSU Women’s officer
  • Max Bergh, GSA Women’s officer
  • Damian Powell, Principal Janet Clarke Hall
  • Joseph McCarthy, Associate Director Legal Services
  • Erin Dale, Strategic Communications Lead
  • Zhi Huan (John) Hee, President UMSU International

Executive Officer:

  • Celia Scott, Chancellery Academic and International


The next Respect Taskforce meeting will be held on 13 September, 2017, and future meeting dates will be determined at this meeting.

23 August, 2017 3.30 pm to 5:00 pm Level 7 Meeting Room, Raymond Priestley Building TBC
13 September, 2017 2:00 pm to 4:00pm Level 3 Meeting Room, Raymond Priestley Building  
Future meetings TBC  

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