The Distinguished Academic Awards Committee (DAAC) is an advisory committee to the Provost and an adjunct committee of the University Appointments and Promotions Committee (UAPC).

Terms of Reference

DAAC will provide advice to the Provost in relation to University distinguished academic titles and appointments, as required by the Human Resources Delegations in the Vice-Chancellor’s Delegations Manual, and such other advice as the Provost may require or request.

DAAC will receive and assess nominations from the Vice-Chancellor, Provost, Deputy Vice-Chancellors and Deans for:

  • The award of the title of Redmond Barry Distinguished Professor; and
  • Appointments as Melbourne Laureate Professor.

On the advice of DAAC, the Provost will recommend nominees for the award of the title Redmond Barry Distinguished Professor and for appointment as Melbourne Laureate Professor to the Vice-Chancellor for approval.

Distinguished academic appointments and the award of distinguished academic titles, made on the advice of DAAC, will be reported annually to Council.


Provost (Chair)
President, Academic Board
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)
Up to 6 Laureate Professors

2016 Membership

Professor Margaret Sheil, Provost (Chair)
Professor James McCluskey, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)
Professor Rachel Webster, President, Academic Board
Melbourne Laureate Professor Cynthia Hardy
Melbourne Laureate Professor Emeritus Andrew Holmes AM
Melbourne Laureate Professor Cheryl Saunders AO
Melbourne Laureate Professor Geoff Stevens
Melbourne Laureate Professor Hugh Taylor AC

The quorum will be at least five members.

Finance and Employee Services HR is responsible for providing executive support to the committee.

For more information, including details on the nomination process for both Melbourne Laureate Professors and Redmond Barry Distinguished Professors, please contact


Meeting Dates 2016

Monday 22 February
Thursday 26 May
Tuesday 23 August
Tuesday 22 November

Melbourne Laureate Professors

Appointment as a Melbourne Laureate Professor represents a significant honour and the University ensures that prominence is given to the work of such professors.

The University from time to time may appoint the following as Melbourne Laureate Professors:

  • Nobel Laureates;
  • Scholars equivalent in standing to Nobel Laureates (who will be in fields in which Nobel prizes are not awarded); or
  • Distinguished professors from existing University of Melbourne professoriate.

Download (staff only)MLP Guidelines 2016(PDF )

Current Melbourne Laureate Professors may be viewed on the University’s About Us webpage.

Redmond Barry Distinguished Professors

The Redmond Barry Distinguished Professor title was established in late 2014 in order to recognise outstanding leaders within the University’s professoriate or have demonstrated:

  • Leadership in the University and wider community; and either
  • Pre-eminence in research or creative activity; or
  • Pre-eminence in research and teaching.

Download (staff only)Redmond Barry Distinguished Professor Guidelines 2016(PDF )

Current Redmond Barry Distinguished Professors:

  • Professor John Hopper, Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, Faculty of MDHS
  • Professor Mark Considine, Dean, Faculty of Arts
  • Professor Barbara Creed, School of Culture and Communication, Faculty of Arts
  • Professor Iven Mareels, Dean, Melbourne School of Engineering
  • Professor Timothy Lindsey, Melbourne Law School
  • Professor Anne Orford, Melbourne Law School
  • Professor Terry Nolan, Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, Faculty of MDHS
  • Professor James McCluskey, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)
  • Professor Lesley Head, School of Geography, Faculty of Science
  • Professor Philip Goad, Chair of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning
  • Professor Frank Dunshea, Faculty of Veterinary & Agricultural Sciences
  • Professor Ivan Marusic, Melbourne School of Engineering
  • Professor Stephanie Trigg, Faculty of Arts
  • Professor Peter Bossaerts, Faculty of Business & Economics
  • Professor Tim McNamara, Faculty of Arts
  • Professor Karen (Etty) Jehn, Faculty of Business and Economics
  • Professor Kim L Bennell, Faculty of MDHS
  • Laureate Professor Leann Tilley, Faculty of MDHS
  • Professor Marcia Langton, Faculty of MDHS
  • Professor Janet McCalman, Faculty of MDHS
  • Professor Lyn Yates, Melbourne Graduate School of Education
  • Professor Mike Sandiford, Faculty of Science
  • Professor Barry Conyngham, Faculty of VCA & MCM
  • Professor Billie Giles-Corti, Faculty of MDHS
  • Professor Rachel Webster, Faculty of Science
  • Professor Geoff Taylor, Faculty of Science

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